Jennifer has had a regular monthly spot on the “Morning Den” on 105.5 Hits FM since December. I am constantly amazed at how closely she connects with our callers. We only speak to one caller per segment because Jennifer wants to spend time with each listener and provide them with as much information as she can. Not only is she extremely professional, she is compassionate and caring. It’s amazing to watch her prepare and bring messages forward. She is truly one of the best. I can hear the disbelief of listener’s stripped away as Jennifer speaks to them about a loved one.
I can’t endorse her work enough.”

Dan Pollard-Morning Man 105.5 Hits FM The New Voice in Durham

I truly believe that God, in all His wisdom, entrusted Jennifer to bring comfort to those who are in pain due to the passing of a loved one.

My grandmother passed 22 years ago, but it wasn’t until I had a reading with Jennifer and my grandmother came through that I truly found peace with it. One statement Jennifer made truly made me feel my grandmother was with me. Jennifer said to me ‘you are always asking your grandmother to give you a sign that she is with you.’ I replied, ‘yes I was’. ‘She’s going to do something with the lights’ Jennifer said. That night the light beside me flickered a few times. The recent passing of my mother has left me shaken and broken. Through Jennifer’s reassuring words letting me know she is at peace and with me always has helped ease the pain of losing her so suddenly. My mom spoke to me, but Jennifer was the messenger.

While my heart still aches everyday and I feel like a piece of me is missing, Jennifer’s kind and gentle words from my mom have brought me comfort during this most difficult time.


I was fortunate enough to have participated in Jennifer’s Mediumship Development classes from September to June. Through Jennifer’s guidance and instruction, I created a more powerful link in my journey towards spiritually and self-discovery. An added benefit was forming new friendships with like-minded people.

Rebecca, Pickering

The first time I met Jennifer was September 27th, 2013. We met through a mutual friend who was having a ‘reading party’. Curious at the time, I was careful not to give any critical information about myself as I wanted to confirm her validity (as any first timer would do).

She was quick to give me messages from loved ones whom I know had passed. The information was very specific. My paternal grandmother, Jennifer said, was fixating on a square amethyst ring that I was wearing. Obsessively fixating. To the point that Jennifer repeatedly mentioned it to me. My grandmother also presented herself as having major heart issues (as if she passed of a heart attack – which she had not). Another spirit gentleman kept showing Jennifer a toilet seat. That was funny.

Amongst other spirits whom came to give me messages, all of whom I could identify, nothing my grandmother and this anonymous toilet-seat wielding male presented made any sense to me – AT THE TIME.

As I mentioned, that was September 27, 2013. This is where it gets interesting…

On September 30, 2013 – only 3 days after my reading – my dad passed away. He had a major heart attack. He was wearing his square amethyst ring.

Three weeks prior to his death, I had given him the ‘Toilet Reader’ from Costco for his birthday. When we cleaned out his home, there was a bookmark half way through the book which was sitting on his side table. Crazy, right?!

I have become very close with Jennifer in the past two years, and enjoy hearing messages from my loved ones who are gone. I have also been taking many meditation classes with Jennifer. She is an amazing teacher and has a superior gift. I am truly blessed to have stumbled upon Jennifer’s beautiful and caring heart. She is definitely one of a kind and I am proud to call her my friend. I have referred her to many, many friends and will continue to help share her gift with everyone I can.