Readings, events, classes

One on One readings:

I look forward to welcoming you into my studio. You have the option of choosing a half hour or a full hour session.
The fee for this is $60 for a half hour and $100 for a full hour.

Reading Parties:

Reading parties are held in our offices in Port Perry. A reading party is three hours and a maximum of six readings, each reading is a half an hour. The fee for a reading party is $300.00. I also have private or corporate event options for larger groups. Please call to find out if your area is subject to my availability.

Past Life Regression Reading:

Who were you before on this incredible journey?

Please bring your pillow and blanket and get comfy as I guide you through your past life remembrance. Each session is one to two hours in length and priced accordingly. Call or email for info.


Are you feeling disconnected from yourself and society? This is often a symptom of being over connected to technology. Tap into your highest potential by reconnecting with your highest self. Release anxiety, stress and fear, restore peace, balance and clarity in your life. I lead you through a guided meditation, clearing a space for love, light and inner peace to enter, in a group session or one on one. Call or email for info.

Spiritual House Cleansing:

I enter your home and smudge by burning sage, clearing stagnant and negative energy from the space. Call or email for info.

Mediumship Development Classes:

Once a week, I meet with a like minded class of students wishing to expand and develop their psychic abilities. Call or email for info.

Class for 2018-2019 is now full.

Radio, 105.5 Hits FM The New Voice in Durham

Jennifer has a regular monthly spot on the “Morning Den” on 105.5 Hits FM with Dan Pollard. You can listen live online.
We can’t wait to take your calls!